Investigation of the Ground State Features of Some Excotic Nuclei by Using Effective Skyrme Interaction


Abstract: Nuclear many-body system is usually described through a mean-field built upon a nucleon-nucleon effective interaction. This interaction has been developed over the years for both stable and unstable nuclei as precise spectroscopic data has been built up. In this study, the proton and neutron densities, charge densities, root mean square (rms) nuclear charge radii, rms nuclear mass radii, rms nuclear proton and neutron radii, and neutron skin thickness were calculated for the neutron-rich Ni, Kr and Sn isotopes by the Hartree-Fock method with an effective Skyrme force based on nucleon-nucleon interactions known as SI, SIII, SVI, T3, SKM and SKM^*. The results obtained via theoretical approach are close to experimental observations.

Keywords: Hartree-Fock calculations, nucleon--nucleon interactions, charge distribution

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