TE surface waves in dielectric slab sandwiched between LHM slabs

Authors: ASS'AD I. ASS'AD, Hassan S. Ashour

Abstract: In this work, the dispersion relation for TE surface waves has been derived for a slab waveguide constructed from a dielectric material slab sandwiched between two thick layers of left-handed material (LHM). The dispersion relation and the power flow were numerically solved for a given set of parameters: the structural factor, dielectric slab thickness, and the operating frequency on the effective refractive index and power flow. We found that the wave effective refractive index decreases with thickness increase as well as increase in frequency. We found that the effective refractive index increases slightly with increase of structural factor. Also, the power flow increases with thickness and increases with operating frequency.

Keywords: TE surface waves, dispersion relation, left-handed metamaterial, power flow

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