Studies on mass attenuation coefficient, mass energy absorption coefficient, and kerma for Fe alloys at photon energies of 17.44 to 51.70 keV


Abstract: The mass attenuation coefficient (mu_m), the mass energy absorption coefficient (mu_{en}/ rho), and kerma relative to air were determined for some alloys, namely Fe_{0.5}Cr_{0.5}, Fe_{0.7}Cr_{0.3}, Fe_{0.8}Cr_{0.2}, Fe_{0.9}Cr_{0.1}, Fe_{0.2}Ni_{0.8}, Fe_{0.3}Ni_{0.7}, Fe_{0.5}Ni_{0.5}, Fe_{0.6}Ni_{0.4}, Fe_{0.7}Ni_{0.3}, and Fe_{0.8}Ni_{0.2}, at 17.44, 19.63, 22.10, 24.90, 32.06, 36.39, 37.26, 43.74, 44.48, 50.38, and 51.70 photon energies by using an HPGe detector with a resolution of 182 eV at 5.9 keV. The experimental results of mu_m were compared with the theoretical results. The theoretical values of mu_{en}/ rho were compared with the semiempirical values. It was observed that kerma values relative to air values were different in Fe-Ce and Fe-Ni alloys due to photoelectric cross sections depending on the atomic numbers of the material.

Keywords: Mass attenuation coefficient, mass energy absorption coefficient, kerma

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