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The septate uterus is the most common form of structural uterine anomalies. A rare developmental variant is a complete septate uterus with cervical duplication and a complete vaginal septum. Experiences with these unique uterine anomalies are limited only to case reports. Although there have been a few families in which members are affected similarly, there are no reports in the literature describing dizygotic twins with the same congenital uterine malformation, as seen in our cases. A 28-year-old woman and her dizygotic twin sister who had spontaneous abortion history were identified in our practice with complete septate uterus, cervical duplication and a complete vaginal septum. After excision of the septum, both patients conceived spontaneously and delivered healthy term babies. Although occurrence of Müllerian anomalies in the same family supports genetic tendency, no information exists on the number and chromosomal location of the responsible genes. The aim of this case is to share our experience about this unique Müllerian anomaly, which was detected and treated successfully in twin sisters, and also to discuss the possibility of the genetic tendency of this congenital anomaly.


Septate uterus, cervical duplication, familial tendency, twin sisters

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