The Effects of the Diet and Diet+Exercise on Changes in Weight during Adolescence


Abstract: Aim: This study was carried out in 2121 primary school students in the Sakarya province of Turkey. The body mass index (BMI) of these 2121 students, between 10 and 14 years old, was calculated from their height and weight measurements. Two hundred twenty-nine students with a BMI value of 26 or above were included in the study. Materials and Methods: Diet and diet+exercise were applied to the subjects for 14 weeks under the supervision of expert dieticians and sports trainers. The subjects' heights and weights were measured by the same staff at the end of the 14-week period and their BMI differences were determined. The data were evaluated by SPSS 10.0 and significant differences were found between the groups and measurements. Results: There was a significant change between the first and last measurement in the diet and diet+exercise groups, and the difference was greater in the diet+exercise group compared to the diet group. The male subjects had a more significant weight change than the female subjects.

Keywords: Diet, exercise, body mass index (BMI)

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