Does Chromotubation During Laparoscopy Carry the Epethelial Cells of Endometrial Origin into the Peritoneal Fluid?

Authors: Ali Suha SÖNMEZ, Bülent MIZRAK, Abdullah AYDIN, İsmail URYAN, Ömer Ferit SARAÇOĞLU

Abstract: Objective: This study was carried out to investigate whether chromotubation leads epithelial cells of endometrial origin to the abdominal cavity. Study Design: Cytologic examinations of the samples of peritoneal fluid from posterior culd-de-sac were made before and after chromotubation of 18 infertile women with patient tubes in the postovulatory phase. Staining was performed using May-GrŸnwald-Giemsa method. Results: Except for one sample of peritoneal fluid all were negative for epithelial cells of endometrial origin. Conclusion: These results suggest that if hydrotubation with methylene blue is performed during postovulatory phase, transport of cells of endometrial origin into the peritoneal cavity is unlikely.

Keywords: peritoneal fluid, chromotubation, epithelial cell