Treatment of Portal Hypertension with Tipss; Follow-up Studies in 9 Patients

Authors: Ahmet GÖRGÜL, Burçak KAYHAN, İbrahim DOĞAN, Zafer AKÇALI, Erhan ILGIT, Selahattin ÜNAL

Abstract: An interventional procedure employing stenets metallic stents has been recently suggested to perform percutaneous portosytemic shunts in the treatment of variceal bleeding in portal hypertension; the technique is called TIPSS. The original technique employed transhepatic portography. In these paper the authors report on their personal experiences and present their series of 9 patients with portal hypertension and variceal bleeding in whom TIPSS was performed. Variceal bleeding was successfully in their patients.

Keywords: Liver cirrhosis portal hypertension, variceal bleedings, transjuguler portosystemic stent shunt, TIPSS