Antioxidant Role of Bovine Albumin Detected by a Chemiluminescence Method

Authors: Saadet GÜMÜŞLÜ, Ayşe Yasemin DEMİR, Gültekin YÜCEL, Akın YEŞİLKAYA, Mutay AYDIN, Tevfik Aslan AKSU

Abstract: The antioxidant potency of albumin was tested in an experimental system by using a chemiluminescence method. The incubation medium consisted of hemoglobin, luminol, cumene hydroperoxide (CumOOH) or t-butyl hydroperoxide (t-BuOOH) and different concentrations of albumin in phosphate-buffered saline (PBS, pH 7.4). Different concentrations of albumin in the incubation medium were exposed to the same concentrations of CumOOH or t-BuOOH. The formation of chemiluminescence was detected in single-photon mode using a liquid scintillation counter. 5 mg/dL and higher concentrations of albumin that were exposed to t-BuOOH and 2 mg/dL ad higher concentrations of albumin that were exposed to Cum- OOH prevented chemiluminescense production. These observations support the antioxidant function of albumin.

Keywords: Chemiluminescence, Albumin, Cumene Hydroperoxide, t-Butyl Hydroperoxide.