The Influence of Essential Amino Acid Supplementation for the Improvement of Acute Renal Failure

Authors: M. Ziya MOCAN, Halil KAVGACI, Cihangir EREM, Hilal MOCAN

Abstract: The effect of intravenous (iv) essential amino acids (EAA) in the treatment of acute renal failure was evaluated in 50 patients. Thirty of 50 patients (Group A) receiving daily 13.4 g iv EAA solution [Nephrmanie (Don Baxter, Mcgraw) 250 mL/dl + Dopamine iv, 2 µg/kg/min + 20 % hypertonic glucose solution 500 mL/dl as compared with twenty patients (Group B) receiving dopamine iv, 2 µg/kg/min + 20 % hypertonic glucose solution 500 mL/d. Group A patients were associated with lower daily increase in blood urea nitrogen (BUN) levels (p<0.05), higher serum total protein and albumin concentration during the 15th. postherapy period (p<0.001), lower comlication (p<0.05), lower mortality rate (p<0.05). There was a reverse relation between serum total protein concentrations and the duration of oliguria and the age of the patients (p<0.01, r^2=0.26; p<0.001, r^2=0.32). This data suggest us that the treatment of such patients with iv EAA solutions significantly improves survival.

Keywords: Essential amino acid, Acute renal failure, Parenteral supplementation.