The Relationship Between Blood Glucose and Serum Electrolytes in During Presence of Metabolic Acidosis in Children with Acute Gastroenteritis

Authors: Handan ALP, Zerrin 0RBAK, Meltem ENERGİN, Recep AKDAĞ, Naci CEVİZ, Mukadder Ayşe SELİMOĞLU

Abstract: In order to investigated the relationship between simultaneous serum electrolyte and blood glucose levels, 42 moderately or severely dehydrated patients with acute gastroenteritis were included in the study. The cases' ages were under two years (mean 7.60±5.19 months). 38.1% of the patients were females and remained were males. A positive correlation was found between blood glucose and serum sodium (Na+) levels in the children with serum bicarbonate values 15 mmol/L (p<0.01 for serum bicarbonate levels <10mmol/L, p<0.02 for serum bicarbonate levels between 11-15mmol/L). No correlation was foun between blood glucose, pH and serum potasium (K^+) levels(p<0.05). As a result we observed that the positive correlation between blood glucose and serum sodium levels increases as metabolic acidosis increases in the patients with acute gastroenteritis. However, additonal studies are needed to achieve a reliable conclusion.

Keywords: Acute gastroenteritis, blood glucose, serum electrolytes, metabolic acidosis.