Ultrasonography of the Optic Disc

Authors: Üzeyir GÜNENÇ, Esin ERKİN, Ahmet MADEN

Abstract: Echographic examinations of 13 eyes with pathologic changes of the optic nerve head were performed in the Dokuz Eylül University Deparmet of Ophtalmology. Elevated lesions of the optic disc such as papilloedema, drusen, tilted disc, remnant of hyloid artery and melanocytoma were detected by special characteristics. Excavated lesions such as optic nerve coloboma, morning glory syndrome, glaucomatous cupping and staphyloma were also demonstrated by their distinct properties. Ultrasonography of the optic nerve head using both A and B mode is concluded to be a useful tool in dtecting and varifying various acquired and congenital pathologic changes of the optic disc.

Keywords: Ultrasonography, optic disc, optic nerve head, echography