Interictal Spect With Tc 99m-HM PAO in Migraine Patients

Authors: Meral MİRZA, Ahmet TUTUŞ, Füsun ERDOGAN, Mustafa KULA, Ali TOMAR, Güler SILOV, Emel KÖSEOĞLU

Abstract: Migraine is considered to be a functional neurological disorder. For several years cerebral blood flow studies have been fueling the controversy surrounding the pathophysiology of migraine headache. Tc 99m-HM PAO SPECT brain imaging was performed during the headache-free period of 29 migraine sufferers (24 without aura, 5 with aura). The findings were compared with those of an age-and sex-matched control group of 17 people. The SPECT images revealed clear interhemispheric asymmetry in the right frontal, temporal and occipital lobes of the brain in the study group. Slight hypoperfusion was observed in patients who had interictal EEG abnormalities.

Keywords: Migraine, Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography.

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