The Therapeutic Effect of Nifedipine as a Ca+2 Entry Blocker on Experimental Transient Ischemic Retina


Abstract: We evaluated the effect of nifedip-ine, an L-type voltage sensitive Ca+2 channel (VSCC) blocker, on the onset of neuronal damage induced by transient ischemia of guinea pig retinas in vivo. The animals were divided into two groups. In the first group 2 mg/kg Nifedipine was administered intraperi-toneally, while only 2 cc/kg NaCl 0.9% solution was given to the second group thirty minutes before the ischemic insult. Seven days after the temporary ligation of bilateral common carotid arteries for 45 minutes, the animals were dispatched and the eyes were enucleated for histopathologic analysis. It was observed that in the Nifedipine treated group, ganglion cells of the sensorial retina were well preserved.

Keywords: Nifedipine, Ischemia, Retina, VSCC Blocker.

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