A Retrospective Analysis of Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section

Authors: Selim ŞENÖZ, Ronald BENZIE

Abstract: Cesarean section (C/S) is now the most major surgery in many countries. In the U.S.A, the C/S rate has reached 22 % and repeat C/S has become the largest indication group. We examined 632 patients retrospectively who had had previous C/S and were admitted ot Ottawa General Hospital. After excluding patients with more than one previous C/S or vaginal birth after C/S (VBAC), patients were classified into 3 groups. Group 1: trial of labour and successful vaginal delivery group which included 165 patients; group 2: trial of labour followed by C/S group with 68 patients; group 3: no trial of labour and elective C/S group with 281 patients. Among the 233 patients who underwent a trial of labour, 165 (71%) delivered vaginally. There was one wound dehiscence and one uterine rupture (which was not at the old uterine scar) as maternal complications. There was no perinatal death related to a previous C/S. In the no-trial of labour group, 50% of women were found to be eligible for a trial of labor restrospectively. Therefore C/S could have been avoided in our study group.

Keywords: Vaginal births after cesarean section, cesarean section, trial of labour, vaginal delivery.