Colicinogeny, Lipopolysaccharide and Outer Membrane Protein Profiles of Multi-Drug Resistant Salmonella typhimurium Isolates from Turkey


Abstract: A total of 259 clinical isolates of non-repetitive non-typhi salmonellae (NTS) were previously examined for their antibiotic resistance patterns and plasmid contents. Multi-drug resistant strains comprised 19.3% (50/259) of the isolates and almost all were Salmonella typhimurium. In the present study, 35 of these multi-drug resistant S. typhimurium isolates were further characterized for colicinogeny, lipopolysaccharide (LPS) and outer membrane protein (OMP) profiles. Fourteen of the 35 (40%) isolates were found to be colicin producers. All isolates showed smooth-type LPS. In 26 of the (74.3%) isolates, OMPs of 30.6 and 34.6 kDa were observed whereas three (8.6%) of them were found to carry only a 30.6 kDa protein and six (17.1%) carried 27.2, 30.6 and 34.6 kDa proteins. There was no direct correlation between the plasmid contents, antibiotic resistance patterns, colicinogeny, LPS and OMP profiles of the isolates.

Keywords: Salmonella, Colicin production, LPS, OMP, plasmid

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