Super d-anti-magic labeling of subdivided $kC_{5}$


Abstract: A graph $(G=(V,E,F))$ admits labeling of type $(1,1,1)$ if we assign labels from the set $ \{1, 2, 3, . . . , |V (G)| +|E(G)| + |F(G)| \}$ to the vertices, edges, and faces of a planar graph $G$ in such a way that each vertex, edge, and face receives exactly one label and each number is used exactly once as a label and the weight of each face under the mapping is the same. Super $d$-antimagic labeling of type $(1,1,1)$ on snake $kC_{5}$, subdivided $kC_{5}$ as well as ismorphic copies of $kC_{5}$ for string $(1,1,...,1)$ and string $(2,2,...,2)$ is discussed in this paper.

Keywords: Super d-anti-magic labeling, snake graph

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