Some properties of Associate and Presimplifiable rings


Abstract: In this paper we study some properties of associate and presimplifiable rings. We give a characterization of the associate (resp., domainlike) pullback P of R_1 \rightarrow{R_3} \leftarrow{R_2}, where R_1 and R_2 are two presimplifiable (resp., domainlike) rings. We prove that R is presimplifiable ring if and only if the factor ring R/{nil(R)} is presimplifiable and the ideal nil(R) is presimplifiable. Then we investigate the associate and presimplifiable property of the dual rings {R[x]/\langle{x^2}\rangle} and its modules through the base ring R and its modules.

Keywords: Associate ring, presimplifiable ring, domainlike, pullback and dual ring

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