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05 February 2019

Call for Papers

Special issue of the Turkish Journal of Earth Sciences

Eocene-Oligocene evolution of the Black Sea region

Guest Editors

Aral I. Okay, Mike Simmons and Gabor Tari

Submission deadline is extended: 30th June 2019

Publication will be in the last 2019 issue of the Turkish Journal of Earth Sciences


Black Sea existed as a major sedimentary basin with continuous sedimentation since its opening as a back-arc basin in the Late Cretaceous. The thick sedimentary sequence in the basin, exceeding 10 km, has attracted the attention of oil companies with several unsuccessful wells drilled in the last twenty years. The Eocene-Oligocene series make up a major part of the Black Sea sedimentary sequence and crops out widely along its margins. The Eocene is also an important epoch in the Pontides; in the Paleocene-Early Eocene Pontides collided with the Anatolide-Tauride Block, which was followed by extension and magmatism in the Middle Eocene. The aim of the special publication is to bring together studies on the Eocene and Oligocene sequences in the Black Sea and along its margins.