Turkish J Eng Env Sci
E-ISSN: 1303-6157
ISSN: 1300-0160
Year: 1997 Volume: 21 Number: 2
  1. Generalized Extreme Value Distribution for Flood Discharges
    Mehmetçik BAYAZIT, Farid SHABAN, Bihrat ÖNÖZ
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 21, (1997), 69-73
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  2. A Method for The Preliminary Sizing of Flood Detention Basins With Dual Outlets
    A. Melih YANMAZ
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 21, (1997), 75-82
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  3. Control System Optimization with the Ziegler-Nichols Plant Model
    Nafiz Aydın HIZAL
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 21, (1997), 83-87
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  4. Approximate Solution Methods for the Dynamic Equations of Planar Robot Manipulators
    Sedat BAYSEÇ, Gürsel ALICI
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 21, (1997), 89-100
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  5. Comparison of Simulation Effectiveness of Motion Equation Generation Methods for Articulated Rigid Body Systems
    Sedat BAYSEÇ, Sadettin KAPUCU
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 21, (1997), 101-117
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  6. The Effect of Alloying Elements on the Kinetics of the Cementite Coarsening Stage of Static Spheroidisation in Fe-0.59wt%C-1.19wt%Si-0.65wt%Mn Eutectoid Steel
    Sedat ÖZBİLEN
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 21, (1997), 119-129
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  7. Preliminary Investigation of the 'Charm II' System as a Rapid Method for Detecting Residue of Antibiotics in Mussels
    İbrahim OKUMUŞ, Hadrian P. STIRLING
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 21, (1997), 131-136
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