Turkish J Eng Env Sci
E-ISSN: 1303-6157
ISSN: 1300-0160
Year: 1996 Volume: 20 Number: 1
  1. A Computer Program for Hydraulic Design of Diversion Weirs with Lateral Intakes
    A. Melih YANMAZ, Emine CİHANGİR
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 20, (1996), 1-6
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  2. Metallographic Observation in Deformation of Al and Al-0.7%Mg-0.5%Si Alloy
    Fehim FINDIK, Fakruddin HABIBY
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 20, (1996), 7-16
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  3. Boundary Lubricated Friction and Wear of T1 High Speed Steel, Ceramics and Different Combinations Between These Materials
    Abdullah MİMAROĞLU
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 20, (1996), 17-22
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  4. Minimum Weight Cross Section-Fuselage Design By Using Z-Section Type Stringers
    İbrahim ÖZKOL
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 20, (1996), 23-31
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  5. The Turbulent Flow around Surface Mounted Obstacles Immersed in Boundary Layer
    Ertan BAYDAR, Hüseyin S. ONUR
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 20, (1996), 33-41
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  6. Prediction of the Yield Stress and Mean Strain Hardening Modulus from a Ring Compression Test
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 20, (1996), 43-50
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  7. Sea Level Interactions Between the Aegean Sea and the Sea of Marmara
    Hüseyin YÜCE, Bedri ALPAR
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 20, (1996), 51-56
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  8. Particle Concentration Measurements in Turbulent Gas-Solid Flows Through Horizontal Rectangular Ducts
    Tülay ÖZBELGE, Luiz Mezzadra LOURENÇO, Michel Leon RIETHMULLER
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 20, (1996), 57-65
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  9. Boundary Layer Growth on a Plate with Leading Edge flow Separation
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 20, (1996), 67-72
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