Turkish J Eng Env Sci
E-ISSN: 1303-6157
ISSN: 1300-0160
Year: 1998 Volume: 22 Number: 5
  1. Oxidation Rate of Sulphite on Decomposing Leaf Litter
    Şükrü DURSUN, Lynne BODDY, Juliet C. FRANKLAND, Phil INESON
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 22, (1998), 365-370
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  2. Effects of Various Supplements on Riboflavin Production by Ashbya gossypii in Whey
    Ersin ERTÜRK, Osman ERKMEN, Mehmet D. ÖNER
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 22, (1998), 371-376
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  3. Properties of Sludge Produced From the Pressurized Wastewater Treatment Process
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 22, (1998), 377-386
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  4. Assessment of Marine Pollution in İzmir Bay: Heavy Metal and Organic Compound Concentrations in Surficial Sediments
    Ali Engin AKSU, Doğan YAŞAR, Orhan USLU
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 22, (1998), 387-416
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  5. Risk Assessment of Fishing Vessels
    Ercan KÖSE, A. Cemal DİNÇER, H. Fehmi DURUKANOĞLU
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 22, (1998), 417-428
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  6. Comparison of Physical and Numerical Dam-Break Simulations
    Zafer BOZKUŞ, Ali KASAP
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 22, (1998), 429-444
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