Turkish J Eng Env Sci
E-ISSN: 1303-6157
ISSN: 1300-0160
Year: 1998 Volume: 22 Number: 2
  1. Stability and Behaviour of Parallel-Sided Workpieces Held by a Robot Gripper
    Ertuğrul TAÇGIN
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 22, (1998), 55-64
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  2. Theoretical And Experimental Analys Of Plastic Deformation Heat For Pim-Ring Sliding System Under Dry Friction Conditions
    Durmuş ODABAŞ, M.Baki KARAMIŞ
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 22, (1998), 65-76
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  3. Variation of Average Velocity Through the Transition Pipes at Cross Sections Perpendicular to the Axis
    Mehmet ATILGAN, Mustafa GÖLCÜ
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 22, (1998), 77-86
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  4. Evaluation of Statistical Modeling Techniques in the Investigation of the Dimensions of Machined Components
    Can ÇOĞUN, Bünyamin KILINÇ
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 22, (1998), 87-100
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  5. The Numerical Solution of Interacting Air Jets Problem for Low Reynolds Numbers
    Haydar EREN, Ömer Erkin PEREMECİ, Vedat TANYILDIZI
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 22, (1998), 101-108
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  6. A Study on a Learning Algorithm
    Nafiz Aydın HIZAL
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 22, (1998), 109-116
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  7. Study of Heat Transfer in Concentric Annulus Flow by Liquid-Crystal Technique
    Kemal KUVVET, Tahir YAVUZ
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 22, (1998), 117-124
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  8. The Realistic Model and Simulation of Hydraulic Position Control Systems
    Mustafa Resa BECAN, Ahmet KUZUCU, Kenan KUTLU
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 22, (1998), 125-130
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  9. Measurement of Emissivity of Porous Ceramic Materials
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 22, (1998), 131-144
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  10. Competitive Biosorption of Chromium(VI), Iron(III) and Copper(II) Ions From Binary Metal Mixtures By R.arrhizus and C. vulgaris
    Yeşim SAĞ, Ünsal AÇIKEL, Zümriye AKSU, Tülin KUTSAL
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 22, (1998), 145-154
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