Turkish J Eng Env Sci
E-ISSN: 1303-6157
ISSN: 1300-0160
Year: 1997 Volume: 21 Number: 3
  1. Statical Analysis of Compound Planar Frames of Straight and Circular Members
    Vebil YILDIRIM, Nilgün İNCE, Erhan KIRAL
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 21, (1997), 137-148
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  2. Development of A New Rate-Type Constitutive Equation for Viscoelastic Fluid in the Wiggle Flow Channel
    Mehmet KOPAÇ, Mahir ARIKOL
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 21, (1997), 149-154
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  3. Chance-Constrained Linear Programming Method in Determining The Reservoir Storage Capacity and Operation Policy
    Recep YURTAL
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 21, (1997), 155-160
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  4. Recovery of Metallic Values From WC-Based Alloy Scraps
    Gökhan ORHAN, Ercan AÇMA
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 21, (1997), 161-168
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  5. The Leaching of Domestic Celestite and Baryt Concentrates in Sodium Carbonate Solution
    İsmail DEMİRKAYA, Ercan AÇMA
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 21, (1997), 167-173
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  6. Investigation of Wastewater Treatment Containing Phenol Using Fee and Ca-Alginate Gel Immobilized P. putida in a Batch Stirred Reactor
    Gültaç BÜLBÜL, Zümriye AKSU
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 21, (1997), 175-181
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  7. The Adsorption of Iron (III) Ions to Schizomeris leibleinii
    Ayla ÖZER, Dursun ÖZER, H. İbrahim EKİZ, Zümriye AKSU, Tülin KUTSAL, Arif ÇAĞLAR
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 21, (1997), 183-188
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  8. Classification of Commonly Used Pesticides in Turkey Based on Pollution Potentials
    Kahraman ÜNLÜ, Günal ÖZENİRLER, Sonay SÖZÜDOĞRU
    Turkish J Eng Env Sci, 21, (1997), 189-202
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