Numerical Investigation of Viscous Flow Around A Square Obstacle

Authors: Orhan AYDIN, Burhan ÇUHADAROĞLU

Abstract: In this study, a two-dimensional numerical computation was carried out for steady and unsteady laminar flow around a square obstacle with intinite domains. The non-linear equations detining the flow tield were solved iteratively by using the tinitedifference technique. The velocity-pressure relationship was expressed via the vorticity-stream function relationship and special attention was paid to the boundary conditions for the vorticity . The computations were carried out for several values of the Reynolds number. The behaviour of the vortex flow formed downstream of the square obstacle was predicted. The results were then compared with experimental data and the flow tield visualized. The agreement between the numerical an other results are reasonable.

Keywords: Viscous flow, vorticity-stream function approach, vortex shedding, finite difference method.