Effect of Temperature and pH on Nonenzymic Browning in Minced Dried Pepper During Storage

Authors: Fahrettin GÖĞÜŞ, Sami EREN

Abstract: The effect of temperature and pH was investigated on the nonenzymic browning reactions in minced dried paprika. The browning pigments formation was both pH and temperature dependent. Increasing pH in a very narrow range from 3 to 4 affected the rate of nonenzymic browning reactions as function of temperature. Brown pigments formation followed the zero-order reaction kinetics. The temperature dependency was explained by the Arrhenius model in a temperature range from 5 to 35°C. The rate in the increase of brown pigments decreased after 10 weeks of storage at all temperatures and pH values studied.

Keywords: Minced dried pepper, Nonenzymic browning, Temperature, pH.

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