Toward Attenuation of Self-sustained Oscillations of a Turbulent Jet through Two Orificies with Same Diameter

Authors: Suat CANBAZOĞLU, Kenan YAKUT

Abstract: The experiments were carried out with various types of attenuators such as volume addition, compliant boundaries and vortex generators. It was observed that the volume addition to the pipe system changed the resonant frequencies of the pipe sys-tem and caused some reduction in the amplitudes of pressure fluctuations. The compliant boundaries are made from plastic material while thin vortex generators are made from the manganese based alloy. It was also observed that these had an important effect on the attenuation of flow-induced vibrations in the model pipe system with two orifices.

Keywords: Self-sustained oscillations, attenuation or damping of flow-induced vibrations, turbulent pipe flow.

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