Catalytic Oxidation of Phenol in Aqueous Solution

Authors: Murat HARMANKAYA, Gönül GÜNDÜZ

Abstract: The oxidation of phenol in aqueous solution over a supported copper oxide, zinc oxide catalyst was studied at atmospher-ic pressure. The reaction involved an introduction period and a steady-state-activity regime, both of the regimes exhibiting first,order behavior with respect to the phenol concentration. The rates decreased as the catalyst concentration increased which im-plies that the reaction involves a heterogeneous-homogeneous free-radical mechanism. The rate constants k 1 and k 2 for the initial rate and steady-state-activity regime are represented by k 1 =1.3*10 10 e -93/RT and k 2 =2.0*10 -4 e -47/RT , respectively, where R is in kj/mol K.

Keywords: Catalytic Oxidation, Phenol, Destruction, Heterogeneous Reaction.

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