Thermal radiation and chemical reaction effects on magnetohydrodynamic free convection heat and mass transfer in a micropolar fluid


Abstract: This paper analyzes the flow and heat and mass transfer characteristics of the free convection on a vertical plate with uniform wall temperature and concentration in a micropolar fluid in the presence of a first-order chemical reaction and radiation. A uniform magnetic field $B_{0}$ is applied normal to the plate. The governing nonlinear partial differential equations are transformed into a system of coupled nonlinear ordinary differential equations using similarity transformations and then solved numerically using the Keller-box method. The numerical results are compared and found to be in good agreement with previously published results as special cases of the present investigation. The coefficient of skin-friction, wall couple stress, the rate of heat transfer in terms of Nusselt number, and the ratio of convective to diffusive mass transport in terms of Sherwood number at the plate are presented graphically for various values of coupling number, magnetic parameter, radiation parameter, chemical reaction parameter, Prandtl number, and Schmidt number.

Keywords: Similarity solutions, free convection, micropolar fluid, magnetohydrodynamics, radiation, chemical reaction, heat and mass transfer

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