Effect of Alloying Elements to Aluminium on the Wettability of AL/SiC System


Abstract: The wettability at a liquid Al-alloy/SiC interface was evaluated by the sessile drop method at 750^oC. The wetting angle, \theta ,of a sessile drop on SiC substrate decreased with the addition of Pb, Mg and Ca to pure aluminium. The reduction in \theta of the Al-Pb alloy was proportional to the reduction in surface tension, \gamma_{lv}, of aluminium, whereas in Al-Mg and Al-Ca alloys the reduction in \theta was greater than the reduction in \gamma _{lv} of Al. This was attributed to reactions that took place at the Al-alloy/SiC interface. Scanning electron microcopy (SEM) analysis showed that severe interactions had taken place at the interfaces of Al-Mg alloy/SiC and Al-Ca alloy/SiC.

Keywords: Wetting, Sessile drop method, Surface tension, Aluminium alloys

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