Oxidation of Elbistan Lignite at Various Temperatures in Air


Abstract: Results of experimental studies determining the increase of the humic acids soluble in alkaline medium and represented by the carboxyl groups (COOH) during the oxidation of an Elbistan lignite sample are reported in this study. The oxidation reaction was conducted in an open circuit system in an oven and in atmospheric conditions at temperatures between 90 and 150^oC. The increase in oxygen concentration provided by the air in the sample was allowed to proceed from 36 to 144 hours. Percent recoveries of humic acids soluble in ammonium hydroxide for the oxidized samples were increased. The humic acid (ammonium humate) percent recovery reached 85.00% by heating at 90^oC for the period of 144 hours.

Keywords: Oxidation in air, Elbistan lignite, Ammonium humate extraction.

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