Quantitative Phase Analysis of Polymorphs in MgO-Partially Stabilized-ZrO_2 using X-Ray Diffraction


Abstract: In this study, quantitative analysis of polymorphs in ZrO_2-based ceramics using powder X-ray diffraction was carried out. For this purpose, three partially stabilized ZrO_2 compositions having 8-10 mol% MgO were prepared. Characteristic X-ray patterns were obtained by employing an X-ray diffractometer using Cu Kalpha radiation in the angle range 27^o \leq 2\theta \leq 33^o. The values used for the X-ray intensities were calculated from relevant peaks using the method of approximate triangles. Volume fractions of ZrO_2 phases were then determined in accordance with the polymorphic method. From the experimental results, it is concluded that the volume fraction of the m-phase decreased with an increase in the MgO content of the samples and an additional aging treatment led to increments in the m-phase volume fraction for all the compositions via t-m phase transformation in the material. Hence, the thermal shock resistance of the material is improved.

Keywords: Zirconia, X-Ray Diffraction, Quantitative Phase Analysis

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