Evaluation of Innovative Extended End-Plate Moment Connections Under Cyclic Loading


Abstract: This paper presents parts of results of an experimental research project on the behavior of end-plate connections subjected to monotonic and cyclic loading conducted at İstanbul Technical University. This research project consists of standard and innovative end-plate connections in that the short I-shaped element (actually cut from the beam section) was placed between the end plate and the column flange. The connections were designed for one of two limit states. In the first limit state, the end plate was designed to be the weakest element of the component for connections with a thin end plate. In addition, these connections were designed as partial strength connections with a moment capacity that resists less than 80% of the plastic moment capacity of the connected beams. In the second limit state, end-plate thickness was varied in order to minimize possible prying forces and the connection, which was designed as a full strength connection having a design resistance at least equal to that of the connected beam. The maximum moments obtained experimentally were compared with predicted moments. Three end-plate moment connection configurations were classified in one of three categories depending on the amount of inelastic rotation at the connections. Results show clearly that the innovative connections satisfy the basic criteria: sufficient strength, sufficient rotation capacity and adequate stiffness for a moment connection.

Keywords: Moment connection, Cyclic loading, Rotation capacity, End-plate thickness, Plastic capacity.

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