The Limited Integrator Model Regulator and Its Use in Vehicle Steering Control


Abstract: Unexpected yaw disturbances, such as braking on unilaterally icy roads, side wind forces and tire ruptures, are very difficult to handle by the driver of a road vehicle, due to his/her large panic reaction period ranging between 0.5 and 2 s. Automatic driver assist systems provide counteracting yaw moments during this driver panic reaction period to maintain the stability of the yaw dynamics of the vehicle. An active steering based driver assist system that uses the model regulator control architecture is introduced and used here for yaw dynamics stabilization in such situations. The model regulator, which is a special form of a two degree of freedom control architecture, is introduced and explained in detail in a tutorial fashion whereby its integral action capability, among others, is also shown. An auxiliary steering actuation system is assumed and a limited integrator version of the model regulator based steering controller is developed in order not to saturate the auxiliary steering actuator. This low frequency limited integrator implementation also allows the driver to take care of low frequency steering and disturbance rejection tasks. Linear simulation results are used to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.

Keywords: Vehicle dynamics control, Model regulator, Limited integrator implementation.

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