Kinetic analysis of crystal violet adsorption on to bottom ash

Authors: PUTHIYA VEETIL NIDHEESH, RAJAN GANDHIMATHI, Sreekrishnaperumal Tanga RAMESH, Tangappan Sarasvathy ANANTHA SINGH

Abstract: The adsorption behavior of crystal violet (CV) from aqueous solution onto bottom ash was investigated under various experimental conditions. The parameters studied included contact time, initial CV concentration, particle size, and ionic strength. The kinetic experimental data were analyzed by different models. The experimental adsorption data showed good correlation with the kinetic models and suggested a multimechanism sorption process. The adsorption mechanisms follow pseudo-second-order kinetics with a significant contribution of intraparticle diffusion and film diffusion. Pseudosecondorder kinetics follows the removal of CV by bottom ash for smaller particle size (<150 \mu m) but the kinetics follows first order in the case of bottom ash size >150 \mu m. The adsorption mechanism was further analyzed by Reichenberg's method. The adsorption capacity of bottom ash decreases with increases in CV concentration and increases with particle size. The effect of ionic strength was analyzed by adding NaCl and CaCl_2. The ionic strength variation study showed that CV removal increases with increases in NaCl and CaCl_2 concentration.

Keywords: Adsorption, crystal violet, bottom ash, kinetics, kinetic models

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