Vortex Shedding From Circular and Rectangular Cylinders Placed Horizontally in a Turbulent Flow


Abstract: In this study, vortex sheddings from cylinders of circular and rectangular cross-sections of finite length which spanned the mid-height of the test section of a horizontal wind tunnel, were determined experimentally. Three rectangular models having width-to-height ratios of 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0 were considered. Hot-film measurements in the wake of these models were carried out at Reynolds numbers in the range $1\times10^4-2\times10^5$. From these measurements, spectral density distributions depending on model¹s width-to-height ratio, blockage, angle of incidence and Reynolds number in the wake were determined.

Keywords: Vortex-Shedding, Bluff Body, Wake Flow, Bluff Body Aerodynamic.

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