Geometric Accuracy Testing of Ikonos Geo-Product Mono Imagery Using Different Sensor Orientation Models


Abstract: This paper addresses the metric accuracy potential of Ikonos Geo imagery for 2D geopositioning. For this, alternative sensor orientation models including rational functions, satellite orbital modelling and terrain relief-corrected affine transformation were used since the Ikonos camera model and the information for external parameters are not provided to the users. Test results arising from the application of these alternative models in a Zonguldak testfield confirm that Ikonos Geo-scenes can yield 2D geopositioning to pixel and in some cases even sub-pixel, accuracy. The paper describes the Zonguldak testfield, discusses geopositioning approaches in the 2D adopted and reports on the geometric accuracy obtained with different sensor orientation models.

Keywords: Ikonos Geo-imagery, geometric accuracy testing, rational functions, satellite orbital modelling, terrain relief-corrected affine transformation.

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