Mechanical Behavior of Knitted Fabrics under Bending and Shear Deformation


Abstract: It is very important to understand the mechanical response of fabrics under deformation since their aesthetic properties and performance are directly related to their mechanical properties, such as tensile, bending and shear. During use, fabric is always stressed by these kinds of deformations. Fabric properties such as drape, handle, and bagging are also affected by the bending and shear characteristics of the fabric. Thus, this study was carried out to gain a better understanding of the bending and shear behavior of knitted fabric. The effects of several factors such as tightness factor, relaxation treatment and the direction of bending and shear on the response of fabric under deformation are discussed. The results indicate that the increase in the tightness factor and relaxation of the fabric generally lead to an increase in rigidity fabric against bending and shear deformation. It has also been seen that the response of fabric under deformation is affected by the direction of deformation applied.

Keywords: Knitted fabric, Bending properties of fabric, Shear properties of fabric

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