Directionality in the Mechanical Properties of Spray Cast and Extruded 7XXX Series Aluminium Alloys


Abstract: Three 7xxx series aluminium SS70, N707 and 7075 alloys have been produced by the spray deposition process. The alloys were extruded and subsequently heat treated in the T6 and T7 temper conditions. Texture analysis of as-received and solution treated alloys revealed <111$> and <100> fibre textures leading to higher mechanical properties in the longitudinal direction. Anisotropic behaviour was observed in these alloys. In addition, the influence of recrystallizing, heat treatment, stretching, and processing techniques (IM, PM and spray casting) as well as techniques of forming (extrusion, rolling and forging) on the anisotropic behaviour of the 7xxx series aluminium alloys was examined.

Keywords: Spray casting, aluminium alloys, Texture, Mechanical properties, X-ray diffraction

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