Fuzzy Logic Control of Vibrations of Analytical Multi-Degree-of- Freedom Structural Systems


Abstract: A fuzzy-logic-based controller and a PD controller are designed for an active control device considering a multi-degree-of-freedom analytical structure against earthquakes. The advantage of the fuzzy logic approach is its robustness and ability to handle the non-linear behavior of the system. The simulated system has five degrees of freedom. An analytical structural system was simulated against the ground motion of the destructive Marmara earthquake (M_{w} = 7.4), which resulted in more than 20,000 deaths in Turkey on 17 August, 1999. In this study, a linear motor is used as the active isolator. At the end of the study, the time history of the storey displacements, control voltages and frequency response of both the uncontrolled and controlled analytical structures are presented and the results are discussed.

Keywords: Fuzzy logic control, PD control, Multi-degree-of-freedom structure, Earthquake-induced vibration

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