Effects of radiation--conduction interaction on mixed convection from a vertical cone embedded in a porous media with high porosity


Abstract: The problem of steady laminar mixed convection heat transfer about a vertical cone embedded in a porous medium with high porosity was studied numerically, taking into account the radiation--conduction effect. The fluid was assumed to be incompressible and dense. The nonlinear coupled parabolic partial differential equations governing the flow were transformed into nonsimilar boundary layer equations, which were then solved numerically using the Keller box method. The effects of the exponent in the power law variation of the free stream velocity m, the mixed convection parameter Ri, the radiation--conduction parameter R_d, the surface temperature parameter \theta_w, and Forchheimer parameter \gamma on the velocity and temperature profiles, as well as on the local skin friction and local heat transfer, are presented and analyzed. The validity of the methodology and analysis was checked by comparing the results obtained for some specific cases with those available in the literature.

Keywords: Thermal radiation, mixed convection, cone, porous media

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