Flow of a Second-Grade Visco-Elastic Fluid in a Porous Converging Channel


Abstract: The problem dealing with the two dimensional and steady flow of a second-grade fluid in a converging channel has been analyzed. It is assumed that the fluid is injected into the channel through one wall and sucked from the channel through the other wall at the same velocity, whose magnitude varies in inverse proportion to the distance along the wall from the origin of the channel. The flow and heat transfer phenomena have been characterized by non-dimensional parameters Re (Reynolds number), R (cross-flow Reynolds number), N (elastic number), and Pr (Prandtl number). The basic equations governing the flow and heat transfer are reduced to a set of ordinary differential equations by using the appropriate transformations for the velocity components and temperature. These equations have been solved approximately for small values of N subject to the relevant boundary conditions by employing a numerical technique. The effects of the above-mentioned parameters on the velocity and temperature distributions have been discussed.

Keywords: Second-grade fluid, Converging channel, Viscoelasticity, Suction/Injection

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