Oriented Growth of Rutile Crystals on the Corundum Single Crystal by Chemical Vapor Deposition

Authors: Narin ÜNAL

Abstract: TiO2 thin films were deposited by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) on a-Al2O3 single crystal substrates using TiCl4 and oxygen in temperature ranges between 800^0C to 1000^0C. Of the titania crystals grown, those which were sharply oriented were found to be rutile. The effects of the temperature and strictly oxygen concentration on the growth of titania crystals were investigated. The orientation relationship between the grown crystals and the substrate was revealed by means of x-ray texture goniometer. The [001] direction of rutile formed from one of the directions of the a-Al2O3 single crystal. The (001) plane of rutile grew on one of the {1010} planes of the a-Al2O3 single crystal.

Keywords: Oriented Growth, Rutile Layer, Chemical Vapor Deposition, a-Al2O3 Substrate, X-Ray Texture Goniometer.