Comparison of Adaptive and PD Control Methods in a Cooperative Robotic Manipulation

Authors: Hürvet SARlKAYA, İbrahim UZMAY

Abstract: In this study, it is assumed that there is no relative motion between two planar robot manipulators with two-degree of freedom and the object handled by these manipulators. In this cooperative manipulation, dynamic model of a cooperative robotic manipulation is established in terms of the interaction terms between robot manipulators and object using Newton-Euler dynamic formulation. Dynamic model developed for cooperative manipulation has the terms related to the moments of inertia of the robot manipulators and object centrifugal and coriolis forces, gravitional forces and the torque to be applied at the joints. In order to handle the object along a detinite path by the cooperative robotic manipulation, the angular position and velocity of the manipulator joints are controlled by the model based PD control designed using the computed torque technique and the adaptive control based on reference model. Control parameters which decrease the angular position and velocity error functions during the motion are investigated.

Keywords: Robotics, Cooperative Manipulation, Model-References Control, PD, Adaptive.