The Electrical Characteristics of Copper Smelting Slags in a D.C. Arc Furnace

Authors: Onuralp YÜCEL

Abstract: The electrical resistance of the material to be smelted, is the basic factor to determine the design and operation conditions of electric arc furnace. Since the electrical conductivity of slag determines the furnace resiswnce during slag smelting in a DC (single phase) electric arc furnace, it also affects the geometry of furnace and electrode. The specific conductivity of slag can be calculated by using an empirical formula called as geometric factor which is a function of the diameter of electrode, the depth of electrode immersion and depth of slag. In this study, the specific conductivity of slag was estimated by using furnace geometric factor and furnace resistance which were measured while smelting of the copper slag with different additives in a DC electric arc furnace.

Keywords: dc arc furnace, specific slag conductivity , geometric factor.