A Prototype of Knowledge-Based System for Fault Diagnosis in Automatic Wire Bonding Machine


Abstract: In the modern world, computing is essential in all aspects of manufacturing activity. Computers have brought to life terms like artificial intelligence, and have played a critical role in reinvention of manufacturing industry. In continuing quest to decrease the interval time between conceptualization of a product, information technology has been fused with manufacturing practice. This paper describes the use of an expert system shell to develop a knowledge-based system (KBS) for an automatic wire bonding machine in the hi-tech semiconductor industry. The main aim of the KBS is to diagnose and solve the problem of an automatic wire bond machine. The diagnosis method was based on maintenance requirements such as measurement, machine, and material. In the semiconductor industry, production equipment and machine have depended heavily on the use of human expertise for maintenance and it is costly. Without a knowledge-based system, their experience will be lost when they are unavailable or resign. With the developed KBS, the diagnosis process for the automatic wire bond machine is standardized and accuracy will be increased compared to the conventional way. Therefore, the quality of products that are produced will improve. The constrain values for KBS are based on the design data and experience of the engineer. The KBS is to improve bonding quality by reducing the production yield loss.

Keywords: Semiconductor industry, Automatic wire bond machine, Knowledge-based system, Troubleshooting

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