Fermentative Performance of Candida tropicalis Kuen 1022 Yeast For D-Xylose and Sunflower Seed Hull Hydrolysate in Xylitol Production


Abstract: The fermentative ability of Candida tropicalis Kuen 1022 yeast to produce xylitol from D-xylose and sunflower seed hull hydrolyste was examined under aerobic conditions. In batch cultures having a synthetic xylose concentrations ranging from 50 gl^{-1} to 100 gl^{-1},the maximum xylitol yield achieved was 0.26 g/g xylose consumed with a volumetric rate of xylitol production of 0.196 gl^{-1}h^{-1} when the initial synthetic sugar concentration was 50 gl^{-1}. The pretreated sunflower seed hull hydrolysate was cultivated with the previously hydrolysate medium adapted yeast cells. The maximum xylitol concentration was 4.72 gl^{-1}, the fermentation time was 96 h, xylitol yield was 0.113 g/g xylose consumed and volumetric productivity was 0.219 gl^{-1}h^{-1} for hydrolysate having an initial composition of xylose 66 gl^{-1} and glucose 0.8 gl^{-1}

Keywords: Xylitol, D-xylose, Sunflower seed hull, Candida tropicalis

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