Conjunctive Optimization of Hydroelectricity Benefits and Flood Damage Costs


Abstract: An Incremental Dynamic Programming program is developed to optimize both the firm and secondary energies of hydroelectric generation at monthly periods. First, the six-stage flood routing program developed in a previous study is applied sequentially to the Yedigöze, Çatalan, and Seyhan dams, all on the Seyhan River in Turkey, for 18 combinations resulting from different active storages, and optimum flood operation policies for all three dams are determined. Second, the Dynamic Programming program is applied to these three dams with 18 combinations, and optimum hydroelectricity generation policies for all three dams are computed. Finally, the optimum active and flood retention storages for the three dams are determined so as to maximize the net difference of the probability-weighted present worths of (hydroelectricity benefits) - (flood damage costs).

Keywords: Flood damage, hydroelectricity, optimization

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