Investigation of the Structural Transformation and Refractory Properties of the Brown Sepiolite Due to the Heating at Various Tempreatures

Authors: Halil ARIK, Selahattin KADİR, Süleyman SARITAŞ

Abstract: The structural transformation of the brown sepiolite due to the heating at various tempreatures (20-1450 ¼C) were investigated. Sepiolite samples have been collected from Türktaciri area (south of Ankara-Polatli). Original samples included 10% dolomite, but concentrated by leaching treatments obtained 100% sepiolite. All treated and untreated samples were chemically analysed and their mineralogical determinations have been done by XRD, DTA-TG and SEM-EDX.

Keywords: Sepiolite, Changes Due to the Tempreature, Refractory