Potential of surface complexation and redox modeling for chromium(VI) adsorption on local materials as liners for waste containment facilities


Abstract: The main aim of this paper was to model the behavior of red soil and black cotton soil along with fly ash mixture to sorption of chromium at different ranges of pH. Visual MINTEQ version 3.0 was used; it was found that the model predicted the behavior accurately and this was compared with an experimental work done earlier. By conducting this simulation study, it was found that surface complexation and reduction played an important role in the sorption process, which gave a new impetus for the reactions taking place at various pH ranges. As most of the landfill leachates have a pH range of 3 to 8, it was concluded that these model-generated data will help landfill designers make informed decisions in dealing with hazardous waste.

Keywords: Surface complexation, Visual MINTEQ, hydrous ferric oxide, landfills, liners

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