Exergetic evaluation of an integrated gasification combined cycle power plant simulated by seven different types of Turkish lignite


Abstract: In this study, exergy analysis of an integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) operating with 7 different types of low rank Turkish lignite was performed. The purpose was to determine and compare the performance of each type of lignite in the same gasifier. Exergy destruction of each component and exergetic performance of the overall plant was also investigated. In addition, CO_2 emissions of each type of lignite were calculated. The results showed that Yeniköy lignite had the best performance among the different types of lignite, with 491 MW net power and 37.88% net exergy efficiency (without acid gas). It also had the minimum amount of CO_2 emission at 726 kg/MWh. Therefore, Yeniköy lignite was chosen as a case study fuel and a detailed exergy analysis of its components was applied. The results showed that the major exergy destructions took place in the gasifier and the combustion chamber at 46.15% and 22.74%, respectively.

Keywords: Integrated gasification combined cycle, exergy analysis, low rank Turkish lignite, CO_2 emissions

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